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SC5 Character: Faun by Tsakta SC5 Character: Faun :icontsakta:Tsakta 0 0 SC5 Frysa by Tsakta SC5 Frysa :icontsakta:Tsakta 0 0 Inappropriate screenshot 2 by Tsakta
Mature content
Inappropriate screenshot 2 :icontsakta:Tsakta 3 3
Inappropriate screenshot 1 by Tsakta
Mature content
Inappropriate screenshot 1 :icontsakta:Tsakta 3 8
Chapter 1
Words can change the world. Words can be truth. Words can be deceit. Strung together such words make stories.
This is such a story.
In this world, there are five gods. The gods are of light, shadow, order, chaos, and a god of balance that links them together. He is the scale that balances the other four, and channels their power into the life force of the world: ether. The ether spreads throughout the world and infuses the lands, granting freedom of choice and will to inhabitants.
The ether gave life to plants, animals, and gave form and thought to humans. Some humans experimented in the ways that the universe worked and how to use it, discovering the power of science. Others began to bend the raw ether to their will, giving them the power of magic. However, there were some who resented the gods for controlling the Etherflow, and hated that the land had been ripped apart by their whims and squabbles.
Then, one day, a good wizard traveled to the ethereal realm and d
:icontsakta:Tsakta 0 2
earthquake dragon thank you
big-ass rumble
tre-men-dous blast
here comes earth-quake dragon
kicking YOUR ASS!
with doom
:icontsakta:Tsakta 2 0
A sad story
I move through the now-vile field, cursing the nigh-sultry humidity that clung to me. The crows had become sated on the carrion that lay everywhere. The dead became food, lacking the simplest dirge, the basest deference, the slightest trace of respect. I lamented the decree of the holy ones, whom have no reverence for that which does not affect them. I lamented the havoc wrecked in this place, consecrated with fire and blood. I see the others like me, no longer part of armies or missions, just people lamenting the loss of everything they believe to be true, regretting the loss of their innocence, wishing that this could have been avoided, hoping that this is all just a dream. Hoping somehow that all these people are alive and well. Wishing that the sententious men, the anarchists in robes white could have set aside their malicious intentions, and avoided this carnage, this chaos that transcended words and defied definition. Their hopes are dashed with the rising sun, and they look to h
:icontsakta:Tsakta 0 0
Crossed Dimensions Chapter One
Chapter One:
The two man UNSC security patrol moved across the rocky landscape, about as silently as they can manage through the loud complaining they were doing.
“Why does it always have to be lunchtime for something to hit the planet? I mean I know that this is a ‘Top Secret Science Facility’ but it’s probably just another meteor!”
“I’ve got to agree with you there, with our luck it’ll be some hunk of space rock that got pulled in JUST to waste our time.”
“Time that could be better spent seeing your girlfriend?”
“It’s not like that, we’re just friends!”
“I’ll bet.”
“Sh-Shut up!”
The other one laughed and glancing forward, he saw their destination.
Speeding up, he said,”Finally! It’s about ti-”, and stopped cold because it was not the meteor he expected to see, but the crashed, back end of a space ship that looks like it’s seen better days, days of not being
:icontsakta:Tsakta 0 1
There once was a man named tod
There once was a man named Tod
He had a funny name
He’d rather people not point that out
If it was all the same
He had two little puppies
Their names were spot and dots
I’m not really sure what breed they were
Because they were robots
He also had a parakeet
Whose name was Parry Pete
You may think that’s unoriginal
But rhyming is quite a feat
He also had a house
It didn’t have a name
What are you crazy?
House names are so lame
:icontsakta:Tsakta 1 17
Crossed Dimensions Prologue
disclaimer: this is fan fiction, I do not take any credit for any characters or plot elements that have been created by game designers or anyone else involved in their making
This has many spoilers from many games, and all characters are set after their latest game
enjoy! :)
An Auspicious Beginning
log 1
destination: unknown
current position: unknown
“Ourgh, what a nap. Cortana, are you there?”
Spartan 117, John, The Master Chief, waited for a response from his onboard AI.
Yeah, I’m here John. We’ve been out of it for awhile.
“How long?” he asked, stretching himself out.
Calculating......about 5 years.
He whistled,”Quite a while, I’m guessing that we’re approaching a planet finally?”, he checked the only remaining console in the half ship that was left from the explosion,”Huh, I don’t recognize the
:icontsakta:Tsakta 0 2


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Journal History

SOPA and PIPA. My opinion is thus:

Every person who argues for or against it one way or the other is wasting their time and energy and only is made dumber by the attempt.

Exhibit A: the quote on quote "largest internet protest in history"
Hate to burst your bubbles kiddies but this is an example of an "exercise in futility" For starters, you are trying to speak out in protest by uniting as one and making people care about this issue... by blockading someone's internet access to a portion of free sites for twenty four hours. I think my soul shrivels up a little as I realize this needs further explanation. First off, a 'strike' is far more complicated than this. The primary objective in one is too choke off a necessity of an entity's until said entity(person or corporation) makes a change you want. So follow my reasoning here.
The only sites blocked off were sites featuring free content and a limited user base. A more productive method would be to blockade porn.
It only occurred for twenty four hours. If someone was truly proactive enough to take a stand about the issue, they wouldn't be spurred to action by this. They'd go outside or watch tv.
Nobody involved in the decision making process is getting hurt from this. The only people taking flak are the ones most likely to be against it. In other words, THE STRIKE IS HAVING AN OPPOSITE EFFECT. It only hurts itself.

Exhibit B: The list of supporters and detractors. Frankly, if anybody is truly surprised by who is backing the bill and who's stopping it they should be smacked. Go on, hit yourself in the head to clear your mind and think for a moment. The people who support it are anybody who: Benefits greatly from increased copyright protection(see studios, artists, publishers, game companies, hollywood), anybody who has a great deal of competition that would take it in the shorts by increased regulation(see advertising, tech companies, colleges, television), and anybody who can benefit from the ensuing shitstorm(see banks, law firms, welfare). Conversely, the people who want the bills stopped are everyone who: makes most of their livelihood off of parody(see webcomics, abridged series, fanfiction sites), makes most of their money off of advertising and open media (see google, yahoo, AOL, Facebook, myspace, livejournal, wikipedia, reddit, the list goes on), and people who would take it in the shorts from regulated uploading(see mediafire, fileshare, manga readers, anime sites, and MEGAUPLOAD)

Exhibit C: fact is, the internet IS in desperate need of copyright reinforcement. While SOPA and PIPA are vague and ripe for abuse, I'm willing to bet the primary reason people dislike them is because they think it heralds the end of "The golden age of the internet". No more "everything belongs to everyone" or "It's not like they'd care if they knew" or even "everything on the internet is okay because freedom of speech says so". I hope most of those reading this realizes that was a load of pixie shit. The internet will not be shut down or "censored". The only thing it's meant to stop is ILLEGAL ABUSE OF OTHER PEOPLE'S BELONGINGS. As it turns out, I find that copyright infringement should be punished. When someone's bootleg movie website is shut down, I don't find that to be "the government oppressing our freedoms", I find that to be the government DOING THEIR FRACKIN JOB!

So in short, if they rewrite the laws to be less nebulous and poorly thought out I'd be happy as a pig in mud. There, I've written something about SOPA and PIPA, LEAVE ME ALONE!
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